Four ways to ground your energy

Grounding is a word commonly used to talk about a feeling of being calm, centered and steady. There are many ways to cultivate this, and these four techniques happen to be my favorite.

What causes you stress? It may be helpful to remember a time when your stress levels were high. Note the way this stress affected the way you feel. Was the body heavy, sluggish or inactive? What about the mind? Foggy, or sleepy?

Perhaps the opposite is true and the body feels anxious, nervous, or insecure with an overactive mind that’s cluttered and busy with worrisome thoughts. To help alleviate these symptoms of stress, try some of these natural and holistic methods for grounding.

Walk Barefoot – Walking barefoot opens the root chakra energy and draws your attention downward. Connecting your bare feet to the ground is a way of inviting in the cooling, calming, quieting earth energies. This can be done in sand, water, grass, or mud. Be sure to widen the senses by noticing sights, sounds and aromas.

Take a Deep Breath – Inhale and exhale to keep the channels of energy open and flowing. Consciously relax yourself with a longer exhale and appreciate the experience of simply breathing.

Nurture Yourself – Nourish your body with fresh, organic foods. Feeling overwhelmed and scattered? Increase grounding energy by eating proteins and earthy foods like root veggies. Feeling slow and sluggish? Decrease grounded energy by eating fresh fruits and light wholesome salads or soups.

Notice Gravity – Notice the effects of gravity with a body-sensing relaxation meditation. Lay down onto the floor, and take a few cycles of breath. Consciously let go of any tension you feel in your face, shoulders, and hips. Surrender the weight of the legs and arms. Tune into the density of the bones. Notice the heaviness of the body. Sink in and let gravity do all the work.