My top 5 self care strategies.

On my journey, I have found that it is constructive to return to sacred strategies of self-care because they provide me with the tools I need to stay centered, balanced and whole when the going gets tough. How do you thrive when you are not feeling your best?

I thrive on being gentle, kind and compassionate towards myself. Honoring my imperfections means that I am accepting the asymmetrical nature of being human.

Here are my top 5 sacred strategies for self-care aka honoring my imperfections:

1) Taking good care of my body and mind through yoga and mindful meditation is the key to wholeness and wellness. I practice mindful breathing exercises (pranayama) daily to calm feelings of anxiousness. I explore different types of yoga practice to cater to how I am feeling each day. On days when I feel less energetic, a restorative or therapeutic practice happens to be just what I need to restore my body, mind, and spirit.

2) Spending time in nature. It centers me. A simple stroll in your local park or nature center is very effective for grounding into the present moment. Grounding has a powerful way of calming the whole body and honors our need to simply slow down at times, breathe and relax.

3) I cook wholesome healthy food in my kitchen. Lately, I have taken a keen interest in Ayurvedic cooking and I have been having so much fun trying new ingredients and recipes! Trying out new recipes or ideas in the kitchen allows us to be creative and have fun all while nourishing our insides with good food choices.

4) I hang out with my friends and family. There is nothing like seeing the people that I love most to fill my heart with gratitude and joy. When was the last time you spent time laughing and enjoying the presence of your loved ones?

5) I treat myself. I buy myself flowers and take long hot baths with sea salt and essential oils. The pure bliss of feeling special and pampered is magical!

I have found that I have more energy and worry less when I slow down and choose to practice one or two of these self-care techniques on a regular basis, especially when I am not feeling my best.

Man is made or unmade by himself. In the armory of thought, he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace. – William James