How to use mindfulness and ease into change.

Spring season offers a great metaphor for change. New leaves begin to grow on the branches of trees and flowers sprout up from seeds buried deep in the earth during winter. I don’t know about you, but the inner child in me pops out as if she’d been trapped indoors for months and can finally go outside and play! If you have lived in a region of the world where you are able to experience the stark contrast of the seasonal shifts, then you know what I mean! Here in California, it takes a keener sense to observe the more subtle shifts, but they are there.

The practice of yoga allows us to awaken to the changes that are occurring within. For example, I love that moment at the beginning of class when I close my eyes, drop into my breath, quiet myself and just be present because it allows me to acknowledge the truth that I am forever changing. Breathing in and out, I notice that no two breaths are the same. In the physical body, cells are dying off just as new cells regenerate. When we look closely at our thoughts, we will see that the perceptions we carry of the world inside and outside of us are always shifting. We are evolving just like the seasons and existence is a constant cycle of life and death. So, in the time we allow ourselves to be mindful at any given moment, there is a great opportunity for deep acceptance of ourselves exactly the way we are. On my journey, I have found that embracing change allows for more contentment and flexibility in the world around me.

The most
radical act
in a world
that is sleeping
and numb
is to wake up
and feel.

– James McCrae