Sutras 1.33 – 1.39

1.33 covers the 4 fold remedy, which is a tactic used in keeping the mind undisturbed. Also called the 4 keys and 4 locks. 1.33 is considered one of the most important sutras! It states that if you cultivate an attitude of friendliness toward the happy, compassion toward the unhappy, delight toward the virtuous and disregard for the non-virtuous, you will remain calm. Then we get into more tactics on how to overcome obstacles I the mind. Here we have 5 ways:

With that said, you are probably wondering how to do that exactly. Fortunately, Patanjali offers more tactics on how to overcome the obstacles of the mind. Here we have 5 ways:

1 -Sutra 1.34 starts to discuss pranayama breathing to stay calm. This is the best tool to use when learning how to control the turnings of the mind. Breath is the gateway to staying with the one-pointedness attention. A yoga practice offers an opportunity to practice Ujayii. Watching the breath as you move through increasingly challenging postures can help clear the mind and keep you undistracted while you practice. Alternatively, there are other types of pranayama breathing styles one can practice while meditating.

2- Sutra 1.35 concentrate on more subtle sensations. A great example of this can be focusing on the temperature of the air passing through the nostrils, or taking the gaze to the tip of your finger while in a standing posture like Virabhadrasana 2.

3- Sutra 1.36 focusing on your inner light. Cultivating inner power, strength, and supreme light within. Start by imagining these things and then later it becomes reality. Always remember, You Are Divine!!

4 – Sutra 1.37 concentrate on a higher power or greater mind: teachers and/or godly figures, mentors or parents.

5 – Sutra 1.38 concentrations on visions, dreams, intuitions or the thoughts in a clear mind….this cultivates Sattvic mind. Sattvic means clear and calm. I recently visited the Integratron in Joshua Tree, California. This was the perfect place to set intentions and visualize my dreams during the most epic sound bath I have ever experienced! Talk about being aligned with the divine and vibrating at my highest levels!

If all else fails!! You have sutra 1.39.. if none of the above works for you, find an option that allows you to experience joy with yourself and relaxation of your mind. Walking, running, gardening, hiking, swimming….the options are custom to you and endless depending on the individual. Thanks Patanjali for recognizing this and making mention of this option in the book!