Sutras 1.17 – 1.23

These are my favorite so far! “A yogi’s guide to practical meditation” is how I would best describe this block of sutras. These sutras help to clarify the 4 steps to Samadhi or “a blissful state of mind.” These steps serve as a comprehensible guide for the average person to practice meditation with the goal of achieving samadhi or a state of bliss. I like the metaphor of learning to swim. Step by step, how do you learn to swim? If you consider this, you will see that learning to swim is not going from standing outside the pool area to being in the deep end. You must take steps. It’s the same for learning to meditate.

Sutra 1.20 is a highlight for me since it offers the methods to stay on track. It also explains that anyone can do it. Meditation and moments of Samadhi are not just for the divinely gifted! What a sigh of relief.

Each day, when you take a moment to meditate, Patanjali asks us to employ faith, energy, mindfulness, focus, and a clear understanding with the addition of patience and detachment from the results. This is the effective way to stay on track for consistent meditation.